Ponderosa Telephone

Ponderosa uses FME to perform GIS queries and automate data conversion of their telecom infrastructure data. Ponderosa initially implemented FME Desktop to replace their manual conversion of AutoCAD to MS SQL Server Spatial with an automated, scheduled job, saving 6-8 hours of daily effort.

When regulatory requirements began relying more on GIS queries, the GIS tools in AutoCAD were inefficient. Performing ad-hoc GIS analysis in FME proved faster (30x faster in just one example), replaced the need to implement a new GIS system, and allowed changes on the fly. FME demonstrated its ROI by winning Ponderosa 4/5 grant approvals.

In addition to saving immense time in automating data conversion tasks, FME has provided the ability to perform queries outside of a GIS.

Ponderosa is a telecommunications company in California, USA, operating 2,000 miles of copper and 460 miles of fiber.

“Ad hoc queries were probably the biggest surprise for us, just how many awesome GIS tools are inside FME itself. Not just for converting data, but actually analyzing, doing overlays, clipping, manipulating spatial data. That proved very valuable for us.” -- Tim Jones, Ponderosa Telephone Co.