Pelmorex Corp

Pelmorex Corp. used FME to create the Pelmorex Lightning Detection Network (PLDN).

With FME Server’s data streaming and data download services, lightning strike data from their sensors is restructured from non-spatial lat/long queries into a styled KML file. It is then made accessible via Google Earth™, an ArcGIS® Flex™ Viewer, email alerts, and more. This required only 3 weeks to set up, and now runs automatically.

Both real-time and archived strike data is immediately accessible for critical decision making to Pelmorex clients, including insurance companies, government agencies, transportation companies, and public utilities.

Known as “The Weather Network” & “MétéoMédia”, Pelmorex is a Canadian broadcaster that produces leading multi-platform weather and traveler information services.

"Without FME Server we would have had to build a custom solution, and the estimate just for a prototype solution was six to seven months." Jim Saini, Pelmorex Corp.