1Spatial & Ordnance Survey

1Spatial recently optimized their client Ordnance Survey’s database checkout procedure.

Using FME Desktop, the required subset of Ordnance Survey’s 500 million feature dataset can be checked out by 650+ editors on mobile, desktop, and web mapping editing suites. A single complex workflow designed using FME’s pre-built tools powers the required data model transformations that run 4,000+ times a day.

Because FME Desktop’s graphical user interface replaces hand coding with self-documenting workspaces, it was possible for the new contractor to examine and optimize the existing data transformation process. This increased flexibility makes future updates to data transformations, such as this project, much more efficient. It also enables clients to own their workflows, regardless of contractor involvement.

Ordnance Survey is the UK government agency responsible for the official, definitive topographic survey and mapping of Great Britain. 1Spatial provides the software solutions and services that manage the world’s largest spatial big data.

“It was a unique project for me, to take somebody else’s enormous workspace and re-write it. It was about deploying some of the new things in FME and a bit of logic around the optimization.” -- David Eagle, 1Spatial