NRCan Surveyor General Branch

The Surveyor General Branch of NRCan uses FME to automate their workflows, running them overnight without intervention.

By the time they arrive for work in the morning, FME has pulled together data from diverse datasets across the country, de-normalized database information for business intelligence, and identified all the errors that have spilled into the databases the previous day. They use FME Desktop to create the workflows and to automate sending success/failure details.

Using FME, they produce KML files for Google Earth, DWG files for AutoCAD, Shape files for many users, keep web applications up-to-date, and provide data to map services.

The Surveyor General Branch (SGB) of National Resources Canada (NRCan) operates dynamic data from 48 databases in 32 projections with 60,000 features in SHP, ArcSDE, DWG, and SQL Server.

“You leave the office in the late afternoon to go home. Then FME takes over, and the next morning you come back, and it’s all done. What more could you wish for?” -- Gido Langen, NRCan Surveyor General Branch