NamPower wanted to build a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Dashboard to enable staff to view and analyse live powerline activity.

They used FME to integrate spatial data from multiple sources, including powerline voltage and power plants from their existing microSCADA system, network data from Smallworld GIS, and vehicle GPS data from a cloud database API. FME displays this on an HTML web page with an interactive Google Map and keeps it up to date with new information.

This dashboard provides an integrated view of all information and enables staff to see power flows via the web. Engineers can view critical data and make decisions in the field. Following the success of this project, NamPower is also using FME to connect asset data collected in the field with their master GIS. FME automatically validates data from Azure Cosmos before adding it to Smallworld on a weekly cadence, ensuring staff have access to current information.

NamPower is Namibia’s national power utility, with a world-class transmission system and one of the longest networks of overhead power lines in the world.

“FME made it easy to create, maintain and expand our SCADA dashboard.” -- Francois Binneman, Senior Operational Analyst, NamPower