Municipality of Arnhem

The Municipality of Arnhem decided to close the gap between their geo and IT departments, gathering all of their ETL processes onto one platform.

The team selected FME to take on these tasks. They used FME Desktop to create workflows, creating 30 geospatial tasks and another 25 non-spatial business intelligence (BI) workflows which included Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCDs). They implemented FME Server to take care care of the automation.

The project has been an absolute success, both technically and in aligning different working groups on a single platform and bringing them together. FME maintains enterprise geospatial databases, performs data integration tasks, and populates the BI data warehouse.

Municipality of Arnhem is one of the larger cities in the Netherlands. They worked with FME Certified Professional Itay Bar-on of ETL Solution on this project.

“Combining the two products FME Desktop and FME Server was the best choice we’ve made. We have now one environment for all spatial and non spatial ETL models.” -- Engelbert Wijnhoven, Municipality of Arnhem