Metria needed to create automated quality control services, enabling clients to gain the full value from geographic datasets that have been shared via open data and SDI initiatives, such as INSPIRE.

Using FME Desktop to create workflows and FME Server to perform the automation, Metria measures and describes data quality in a standardized and traceable way. This provides vital information to power the process of selecting the right dataset for the right purpose, and allows data to be used for purposes those that the producer could have envisioned.

By creating FME Server validation services, QC can be performed anywhere. In a recent project for the Swedish EPA, a single, flexible service that makes use of ISO standards to specify quality demands provided cost efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple validation processes.

Based in Sweden, Metria develops intelligent geographic solutions to streamline business, providing a link between the map and reality.

“We chose FME Server due to the number of report formats it could read; its excellent tools to work with XML in an efficient way; and its complete set of tools for all kinds of spatial analyses you may have to perform to validate the data quality.” -- Anna Halvarsson, Metria