MeteoSwiss wanted to deliver a map view of the aviation special alerts set out by the ICAO to aviation professionals.

Responsible for producing and distributing this information, MeteoSwiss worked alongside INSER to create FME workflows that convert these SIGMET and AIRMET text-based reports to maps. They developed an FME workflow that parses and interprets the report text, then builds the geometry, and finally creates a PDF output. FME Server automatically runs the workflow every five minutes.

These PDF maps are made available by MeteoSwiss to end users via an FME Server data streaming service, making their way into the hands of airlines, flight planners, and pilots within minutes, now provided as a mapped interpretation alongside the report for clearer communications and better decision making both on the ground and in the air. The workflow is also easily extendable to other regions of the globe.

MeteoSwiss is the national provider for weather and climate services in Switzerland.

“FME is incredibly flexible. It makes developing, deploying, and maintaining data integration processes a breeze.” -- David Reksten, INSER