McDonald’s China

McDonald's China needed to integrate data to power business decisions such as new restaurant site selection, growth modeling, and delivery modeling.

They chose FME for data integration, and worked with Safe Software Partner Beijing Antu to implement their projects. Using FME, data is now integrated between multiple business systems, including population, income, customer traffic, base maps, and other data. The workflow is automated, enabling the movement of data in real time, in response to events, and to perform spatial analysis.

By implementing FME for data integration, they greatly improved efficiency and decreased their costs. They now have complete insights into important business data for drafting development strategies, new location assessments, delivery optimization, customer analysis, and reviewing and modeling current business growth.

McDonald's is one of the largest restaurant brands in the world.

“FME is our main software for business and spatial data translation and transformation. It greatly improved the efficiency of GIS service and online reporting service.” --Annie Ye, McDonald's China