LOGIC Solutions Group & BP Lower 48 Onshore

LOGIC Solutions Group needed to resolve, load, and distribute data from numerous commercial, contracted, and internal data sets for their client, BP Lower 48 Onshore (BPX).

They used FME to automate the integration and loading of this data, including cumbersome IHS and Drillinginfo data, to create an enriched dataset in Esri Geodatabase. They also used FME to calculate new fields and data sets to identify trends and competitor activity based on spatial attributes. As part of the QA / QC processing with FME, spatial and non-spatial quality checks were performed during the extract, transform, and load (ETL) process to ensure that wells are geographically located correctly in the database.

The resulting dataset enriches and enhances the available information for improved decision making while saving time and money by automating and simplifying repetitive tasks.

LOGIC Solutions Group works to create, manage and integrate information management and geospatial assets to provide insight into the oil and gas lifecycle. BP is the world’s sixth largest oil and gas company.

“FME, which has become the de facto spatial ETL tool in the Oil & Gas industry, has allowed BPX and other O&G clients to automate tedious data workflows while improving data quality, leading to overall improved decision-making. Our team is excited about the value FME helps us deliver to customers; we can’t wait to see what we will be doing in the future utilizing this platform.” -- Todd Buehlman, LOGIC Solutions Group