Korem’s telecommunications client needed to provide an easy way for their internal data users to manipulate and extract databases, spatially enable it, and produce maps and reports.

They built FME workflows that can be re-used as needed, providing the users with autonomy and flexibility. These users can integrate data from multiple sources, such as a customer call log, integrate that with network coverage, external data such as demographics or traffic, and create analyses and reports that can be used for business decision making.

The telecommunications client now uses FME to manage aspects of the wireless network including call drops, where signals are, where newest customers are, customer churn, where to put new wireless technologies and towers, and other spatially relevant business decisions.

As a specialist in geospatial technologies since 1993, Korem provides a complete range of services, software solutions and spatial data to optimize their clients’ business and strategic decisions. They are mainly from the telecommunications, insurance, retail, infrastructure management and public sectors.

"FME allows me to replicate a lot of the processes I do and I get to spend time doing more interesting things, not the same old mundane process." -- Scott DiGiacinto, Korem