Kartverket (Norwegian Mapping Authority)

Kartverket started out with a fun project for a kids’ annual hackathon which turned into a real-world test bed for an upcoming cloud-based open data portal rollout.

In collaboration with Safe partner Sweco, Kartverket built an on-demand FME Cloud-based Minecraft world provider for the hackathon. The source data, including terrain and supporting datasets in PostGIS sat in the cloud on Amazon, were converted into Minecraft by FME Cloud on-demand.

When they made the service public after the hackathon, it received media attention and traffic exploded. At the peak, they generated 1,000 worlds in an hour. The team now knows what it takes in terms of support and burst capacity to keep things performing. This real-life but non-critical test of the service was a successful trial run, and offered a foundation for delivering official data to the public via a cloud-based open data portal.

Kartverket (Norwegian Mapping Authority) bears nationwide responsibility for geographical information, operates the national property registry and undertakes all property registration in Norway.

“It was a joy to work on. We could just find our way along with size and capacity, without having to preplan hardware and resources. It was a bit improvisational, which was great. The cloud structure meant we could come up with a change or new approach and change it instantly to see how it worked.” -- Boele Kuipers, Kartverket