Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT)

Upon the pending depreciation of the Google Earth plug-in, KDOT’s Division of Aviation needed re-design their Kansas Airspace Awareness Tool to instead use Cesium as the user interface.

They took the opportunity to widen both the functionality and available data. The FME Desktop workspaces and FME Server configuration which handled much of the heavy lifting in the original system were easily repurposed. The newly named KDOT Aviation Portal enables users to visualize and browse datasets, most notably 3D polygons of various types of controlled airspace. They can interactively place structures – a proposed wind farm, for example – to perform preliminary checks regarding whether FAA regulations will come into play.

FME Server handles user requests, updates the FAA obstruction data every night, and was used to build out the data layers including the airspace polygons. There is a mix of formats involved – data resides on Amazon in GeoJSON, CZML, KML, Collada, and WMS.

KDOT manages highway, rail, air, bike/pedestrian and public transit transportation in the state of Kansas, USA.

“FME fills a void I didn’t even know existed before. The way it makes the incompatible compatible is phenomenal. Though it’s in the background, what a difference it makes in the job that it does!” -- Dennis O’Connor, KDOT Aviation