Iowa DOT Plowcam

The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) wanted to deliver the near-real-time situational awareness they already accessed internally via a public-facing plowcam portal.

Using FME alongside ArcGIS Online (AGOL), Oracle, KML, and Microsoft Azure, they now provide plow data and cam imagery via a web portal. In the background, FME Server retrieves the active plow data from Oracle once per minute, and creates a KML file that is uploaded to Windows Azure. AGOL accesses that KML to build the online representation, refreshed at regular intervals.

Using the public site, individuals can visually check conditions before setting out on the road, making for safer driving. Media and weather outlets are taking advantage of this near-real-time situational awareness too, tweeting out plow images to their audiences.

Iowa DOT maintains over 9,400 miles of roadway and 4,092 bridges to serve the transportation needs of the state's citizens.

“FME Server allowed us to offload processing from our Oracle databases and expedited our public map rollout by avoiding developing code to do the same job.” -- Eric Abrams, Iowa Department of Transportation