Iowa Department of Transportation

The Iowa DOT (IADOT) needed to automate the integration of business and road related data from three disparate sources.

Using FME, repeatable workflows were built to clean up, validate, and integrate the data. Now assets are more accurately mapped in a spatial data management system, powering richer analysis and better informed decisions for roadway project planning.

The GIS team is seeing increased productivity thanks to the automated integration.

The Iowa Department of Transit (IADOT) maintains over 9,400 miles of roadway and 4,092 bridges to serve the transportation needs of the state's citizens.

"Using FME, I was able to reduce a convoluted data-processing task from three hours to 42 seconds, and the workflow is repeatable so I can run it continuously with one mouse click." - Shawn Blaesing-Thompson, IADOT