INSER uses FME Cloud to provide its clients with common geodata transformation and quality assurance services.

INSER recognized that when geodata is exchanged between stakeholders, it never seems to come in the right format, coordinate system, data model, and / or quality. They decided to help clients solve these problems by using FME Desktop to design common workflows, and published them as a service using FME Cloud on the backend of a customized, documented web user interface.

Their services equip non-specialists to perform the data transformation processes they require. The pay-as-you-go model is cost effective for INSER, allowing them to offer this as a free service with a limited number of objects that can be processed, and to also enable clients to scale up to a premium subscription as pay-per-use.

INSER is a GIS consulting company based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“We were very happy when Safe launched FME Cloud. For us it was a very good opportunity to do something exciting with it.” -- David Reksten, INSER