HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies needed to make their maps attractive, showing the correct level of detail to make regions easily identifiable by locals.

The team used FME to process more than 4 million features that represent almost 300 million vertices, and can run this workflow volume in one day. For example, they calculate river widths and discard the smallest rivers that won’t have good representation.

The team builds automated, dynamic, fast data transformation processes with FME, without writing any code. The maps they output are readable, showing the correct level of information to make them easily identifiable by their region to those who know the area. The maps can then be successfully used to empower HERE’s business intelligence research.

HERE Technologies has the mission to create a digital representation of reality to radically improve the way everyone and everything lives, moves and interacts.

“FME really helps me with my daily activities. I do not code, so they code for me when I use the transformers.” -- Inês Leite, HERE Technologies