Helse Midt-Norge

Health authorities and public health workers in Central Norway urgently needed a tool to get a better overview of the current situation and potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. The resulting dashboard from this project indicates the number of current patients at all hospitals in the region, and a prognosis for potential new patients and those requiring intensive care based on different r-values.

This provided a better basis for planning where and how to allocate resources in the Helse Midt-Norge region. 

FME is used to continuously integrate updated COVID-19 data between several APIs provided by the health authorities and ArcGIS Online Services running behind the dashboard. The workspaces developed run every day to update the ArcGIS Online Services with updated information.

FME made it quick and easy to develop the integration between the different APIs and the ArcGIS Online Services. The solution is easy to maintain and runs smoothly.

Helse Midt-Norge is responsible for providing specialized health services including physical and mental health to residents of Central Norway.

The work done by Helse Nidt-Norge was done in partnership with Geodata AS.

"This is a valuable tool for planning the capacity of our health services in challenging situations!" --Jon-Ola Wattø, Helse Midt-Norge