Grupa MTP

Grupa MTP is one of the leading event management companies in Central and Eastern Europe. They needed an enterprise solution to integrate data from different databases and automate information exchange to improve operational efficiency. They partnered with Globema on this project.

Using FME, they’ve developed several business processes, including:

  • Simplify the process of updating data in the company's Intranet, making it possible to maintain data by department and keep the whole company updated.
  • Power the employee card access system with up-to-date location information, allowing the company to manage working hours more precisely.
  • Simplify exhibitor submission and order processing by integrate data from the internal ERP system Oracle and CRM system Microsoft SQL, delivering better customer services.
  • Create an auto-notification system about expiring offer dates in tenders, helping the sales department prepare the most competitive offers.
  • Synchronize data from National Banks of Poland with the exchange rate table in the ERP system, making it easier to deal with international contractors.

Grupa MTP is constantly finding new ways to implement FME to solve more business challenges. In 2020, they launched the ToBilet platform which sells online tickets for events. With COVID-19 restrictions, the new service quickly gained popularity and created a need for processing data on ticket sales. The IT department developed web apps using FME Server Apps to share sales analysis with stakeholders in marketing and sales, helping them make informed decisions. FME helped them achieve measurable time (from months to weeks) and cost savings in comparison to using other methods or external services.