Grand Lyon, France

Grand Lyon, France, uses FME to make their city’s data available to the public, empowering a variety of valuable services for citizens and businesses.

Internal city data and that from partners are compiled and made available in real-time on a public data portal. FME Desktop and FME Server are easily scalable and provide an economically viable way to gather data from sensors, accident reports, data managers, web services, and distribute this time-sensitive information.

Originally designed to simply provide data to the public, the impact of this project has gone beyond, providing innovative companies in the city a technical foundation for developing new services which optimize their operations and ultimately benefit citizens and tourists. One example is Renault Trucks and the implementation of their Urban Freights software to help reduce fuel consumption.

Grand Lyon, France's second biggest city and capital of the Rhône-Alpes region, is situated at the crossroads of Europe's major lines of transport, at the heart of France between Paris and the French Riviera.

"Renault Trucks’ Urban Freight Software is a good illustration of the win-win principle that we want to implement. The delivery will be able to improve the profitability of their tours and reduce their fuel consumption. For citizens it means less traffic and less pollution.” - Gregory Blanc-Bernard, Grand Lyon.