Golder Associates

Golder Associates needed to summarize air emissions of various chemicals due to residential and transportation factors into a fishnet of grid cells. The results would be used alongside other sources for an air quality assessment report supporting their client’s industrial approval application.

They used FME to perform the required calculations, from building a fishnet of 50 km by 50 km 5 km2 grid cells, to populating it with census dissemination areas, transportation GIS data, and emissions data from their Air Group for 8 pollutants. Using FME, they then performed calculations estimating emissions by scaling residential division emissions using population density and length of highways.

The resulting output provided the required fishnet of cells with ID and coordinates, air emissions for each grid cell and pollutant, and the average elevation for each grid cell. FME performed these complex calculations at the click of a button, using a documented, repeatable process that included quality assurance checks.

Golder Associates is a global, employee-owned organisation providing independent consulting, design and construction services in their specialist areas of earth, environment and energy.

“We use FME for anywhere from simple data conversion/manipulation tasks that are not so simple with other software to automating complex processes with relative ease saving hours of work with each use!” -- Sean Kurash, Golder Associates