Global Information Systems - Data Validation

Global Information Systems drastically reduced time required to perform quality control before data is entered into their client’s GIS.

FME’s out-of-the-box tools made it easy to set up automated workflows that audit and validate incoming GIS drawings against an established standard before data is imported. The workflows are scalable for performance on a desktop or in large batches on a server.

These automated quality assurance checks have replaced costly and time consuming manual effort. The solution is customizable and can easily evolve to meet changing business processes, provide notifications, and offer detailed error reports to speed data correction.

Global Information Systems has provided the Pipeline Industry with solutions and software products to manage asset data, business workflows, and regulatory compliance since 2006. They worked on this project with client George Crowe, whose company delivers 100 million gallons of petroleum products daily through it’s US pipeline network.

"FME is the only application that removes all boundaries and allows your imagination to be the only limitation." -- David Ellerbeck, Global Information Systems