Georgia Power

Georgia Power uses FME to automate everyday data tasks, such as location comparisons, site analysis, and site update emails for their Community and Economic Development Group.

To perform location comparisons, the team created FME workflows that convert spreadsheets and text files into usable information in an MS Access database and reports. For site analysis, they used FME to find nearby facilities and utilities, calculate usable acres for a given site, and perform additional spatial calculations to convert county parcels into a parcel score layer in their Access database. They also created FME workflows to identify sites that had not been updated in a year, compile information about them from their SDE Oracle database, and email records to the applicable representative to easily update and return.

By automating these processes, the team saves hours of work compiling data, ensuring its accuracy, and delivering it to the end users. The email notification project also saw an increase of site updated in the last year.

Georgia Power is the largest of four electric utilities within Southern Company.

“FME is my go-to tool for converting, analyzing, and manipulating all types of data. I couldn’t do my job without it.” -- Jeff DeWitt, Georgia Power