Georgetown Utility Systems

Georgetown Utility Systems needed to migrate asset management data to their new system and ensure ongoing data integrity.

The team used FME to populate the system of record in their Esri database for their electric distribution assets. With FME, they created ongoing migration tasks from Milsoft WindMil to their GIS, with workflows that receive edits, mark assets as retired if they are deleted, and active if they are new. The workflows also detect duplicate, unsynced assets, connect scheduled events to addresses, and update the status of assets based on the Electric Circuit Model.

The project enabled the team to implement their new Enterprise Asset Management System, and both ensures that the data is correctly maintained and that the workflows to synchronize assets are functioning properly. They are now building additional functionality into the workflows, and integrating FME Server to increase automation.

Georgetown Utility Systems is a community owned public utility in Georgetown, Texas.

“I am a visual learner. Being able to create FME workspaces and visually see how data flows and using the Workspace Inspector helps me understand and diagnose solutions that I would have otherwise struggled to navigate.” -- Sasha Lockamy, Georgetown Utility Systems