After developing a national 3D standard, Geonovum needed to make their open source tools for creation and validation of 3D data easily accessible to non-developers.

Using FME, they created workspaces for public distribution of these tools to pre-process source data. With the selection of a few parameters like data type, theme and level of detail, the 3D geometry is automatically generated from 2D input data and high resolutions LiDAR data. Generated geometries and attributes are output according to the standard with minimal user intervention.

FME provides the user interface and makes the tools more accessible, facilitating widespread adoption of the standard, and thereby 3D analysis. Urban planning for this intensely populated country can now be enhanced with a more accurate understanding of elements such as shadow casing, noise, rooftop gardening potential, and more.

Geonovum is the Netherlands’ National Spatial Data Infrastructure Executive Committee. This project was a joint effort with the Kadaster, the Netherlands Geodetic Commission, and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, with involvement from Safe Software and its partners con terra, Vicrea, and Red Geographics.

“It was important that our tools and national 3D standard were supported by FME. FME is used as established GIS at most of our government organizations. Early on, someone from a large municipality said that if you can convince Safe to support the standard, the wider public will understand that 3D data defined in our national 3D standard is about to become mainstream.” -- Jantien Stoter, Geonovum