GeoManitoba needed to take geotagged photos and produce KMZ files with the photos embedded.

They used FME to create a simple process that displays photos in Google Earth and produces a complete KMZ file for distribution. They also enhanced the process to label photo points, organize different types of photos into folders, and use unique icons to represent each type.

The project was a success, and the team is now using FME to develop a process for moving data into the Government of Manitoba SDI.

GeoManitoba, and it’s predecessor, The Surveys and Mapping Branch of Manitoba have been using FME since 1998 for processing and translating geospatial data.

“FME provides an excellent gateway between many GIS, mapping, and CAD systems and it is planned as a key component of the SDI that is being built for Manitoba.” -- Bob Bruce, GeoManitoba