GeoLOGIC needed to remove road allowance gaps from the Western Canada Dominion Land Survey System (DLS) grid covering 1.5 million kilometres.

They used FME Desktop to automate closing the gaps between almost 10 million polygons. Through extensive testing, they also designed a section of the workflow to automatically correct for polygons that don’t conform to the standard DLS sizes. Finally, they used FME to test the final road-free DLS grid, ensuring that all gaps were correctly closed and no slivers existed.

The resulting complete system enables users to complete additional geostatistical analysis, especially in the area of production allocation for horizontal wells. The workflows can be re-run as needed.

Based in Calgary, Canada, GeoLOGIC is a widely recognized developer of high quality databases and premium software products that offer comprehensive, relevant solutions to the Oil and Gas industry.

“It comes down to about 100% accuracy. We did succeed using FME and we’re very happy with the final product.” -- Tim Downing, GeoLOGIC