GeoGR Inc.

GeoGR Inc. uses FME to provide online, self-serve access to spatial data that is delivered to the user in their preferred format. The project’s success improves planning for professionals and the general public.

GeoGR Inc. centralized the Graubünden area spatial data using FME's integration capabilities to interweave disparate source datasets and load them into a PostGIS database. Through FME Server's automated data delivery service, users can view, order and download this data, in the format they require through an online portal.

Implementing FME’s automated workflow eliminated time-consuming manual translation and administrative tasks for data authors, while allowing them to continue working in their preferred environments.

GeoGR Inc. was formed by Graubünden, the largest canton in Switzerland, along with private surveyors and planners to address the need for access to the area's spatial data.

"Using FME Server, we were able to centralize our area's geo related data and make it accessible to users while leaving our existing databases intact." - Peter Huser, CEO of GeoGR Inc.