Gemeente Bergen op Zoom

The municipality of Bergen op Zoom wanted to deploy parking attendants more efficiently by using a scan car. The scan car was able to scan individual license plates, but were not able to display their results on the corresponding parking maps. Additionally, the maps that they had of the parking areas weren’t all up to date. 

The software used by the scan car wasn’t able to use the provided shapefiles with multiple codes in different columns. By using FME, Bergen op Zoom was able to transform their data and link the proper attributes containing the main codes to the proper shapes. FME was also able to help update the parking maps to group parking meters in designated parking zones according to their needs. 

By using FME, parking attendants can use their time more efficiently and to perform other important tasks. Now, parking areas can be effectively monitored several times a day.

Bergen op Zoom is a city in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant.

"There are many professional worlds with data. FME is the tool that combines those worlds based on data." --Bas Schouteren, Gemeente Bergen op Zoom