Forsmark Power Group

Forsmark and Sweco used FME to integrate nuclear power plant data into a single database. The results are made available in a web map platform that maintains high security of information.

Disparate data including AutoCAD, Shapefile, Excel, Revit, and IFC are automatically integrated and transformed by FME Desktop & FME Server for storage in an Oracle Spatial database. Existing Microsoft Active Directory security settings are leveraged, allowing only authorized persons to view the data in various levels of detail in the new GeoServer web map platform on a computer or mobile device. Data is stored in both the original local coordinate system and the Swedish national to meet regulatory requirements.

FME has automated the process, making up-to-date interior and exterior power plant data readily available to authorized individuals.

Forsmark Power Group is a Swedish company that owns and operates the nuclear power plant Forsmark north of Stockholm.

“With FME, we were able to grow with the problem, so when a new problem came, we could provide a new solution. That’s where FME comes in very handy. When they said, we have some Excel files as well, we want to merge with CAD files, ok, that’s no problem!” -- Anton Sandström, Sweco