FACTO GEO needed to prepare hundreds of maps daily to help their surveyors in the field do their work more efficiently.

Using FME, the team build a single workflow that reads text and XML input files, databases via PostGIS, and WFS-services, and then transforms this data using pre-built transformers (filters, coercers, choppers, mappers, extractors, stylers, clippers, and sorters), converting them into three types of output files: DWG, DXF, and PDF.

By hand, this process would have taken 45 minutes per 1 combination of the 3 output files, but using this FME workflow in an automated batch process, it now takes less than one minute. As a result of this efficiency, they are now building more workflows to automate other processes within their organization.

"Our overall impression of FME is that it is very intuitive to work with. The GUI and log are helpful tools to find out were a problem might be. Furthermore, if you are thinking about implementing a certain operation, it is almost certain already an existing transformer within FME. FME fits like a glove," says Ronny van Laarschot of FACTO GEO.

FACTO GEO employs the largest number of surveyors in the Netherlands. They offer services to the Government, The Netherlands Cadastre, the Petrochemical Industry and the Construction Industry.

“The only regret I have using FME is: Why didn’t I start using FME sooner?" —Ronny van Laarschot, FACTO GEO