exactEarth wanted to leverage the marine vessel automatic identification system (AIS) to create a service providing near real-time ship location data globally. Prior to the project, the location of ships was not known on land beyond line-of-sight, as AIS data was only leveraged for nearby ship-to-ship navigation safety.

Using FME Desktop, they connected the TCP/IP data stream of AIS data from their five satellites for the 100,000+ ships globally, and transformed millions of lines of binary coded text into grid data, for streaming via OGC WMS and WFS. They set up FME Server to automate these workflows to run 5,000,000 times a day, ensuring that the data is always up-to-date.

exactEarth clients, including the Canadian DND, the Coast Guard, Transport Canada, and their international equivalents, now have access to ship route information which can be historically tracked, improving safety for those at sea and national defense.

Based in Ontario, Canada, exactEarth is a leading organisation in the field of global AIS vessel tracking, collecting the most comprehensive ship monitoring data and delivering the highest quality information to customers around the world.

“We essentially had a data decoding nightmare, and a volume of content that had never been seen on a global scale like this. FME was the solution.” -- Taylor Nicholls, exactEarth