Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC)

Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) was working with an old database system with outdated information about electrical assets, inaccurate information on the location of illegal consumers, and was prone to electricity theft.  To solve the issues they faced, they set out to index all consumers within their network, geo-reference all existing customers and expand the billing database by regularizing all illegal consumers into the billing net, and leveraging a comprehensive GIS based Electrical Assets Mapping and Consumer Indexing Project.


They used FME to implement QA and QC on multiple sources of data, resulting in the street-based map linked below. FME was also used to extract, transform, and load spatial and non-spatial data captured in the field into a geospatial database, matching geospatial customer data with non-spatial counterparts in the billing database. With FME, they could ensure the accuracy of coordinates, and automatically generate 26-digit CIN codes for about 5,000,000 building footprints using Natural Area coding algorithms.


EEDC is now able to quickly see the number of buildings they supply and the length of roads in their franchise area, which has helped in the development of the EEDC Base Map that is more data-rich than Google Maps. They can also evaluate the coordinates and status of electrical assets in their network for seamless fault reporting, tracking, tracing, and in-depth analysis. Without FME, they could not have realigned, delineated, or identified the connected and unconnected transformers and location, number, or spread of various materials, critical in developing their asset information system. 


With a more modern and streamlined process, EEDC has been able to increase their customer base, grow their revenue, mitigate theft and leakages, and now have a greater ability to market their services by geography and transformer.


EEDC distributes electricity across the five South Eastern States of Nigeria, covering about 30,000km sq. The company has about 1,000,000 electricity subscribers administered through 18 Business Districts (BD) spread across the franchise area.


The work done by the EEDC was done in partnership with Progis Geospatial Limited.

"The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission ranked us No.1 and the benchmark for every electricity distribution company in Nigeria in Electrical Assets Mapping & Consumer Indexing because we used FME software." -Uche Anyalewechi