Eau 17

Each year, Eau 17 receives more than 200 km of topographic maps for quality control and integration into various databases. Eau 17 needed to optimize pre-integration quality control operations by automating and improving existing steps. 

The objective was to implement a tool compatible with a web map for data control, while automating the process to save time for surveyors. Submitted maps also had to be in a new format: shapefiles.

To meet these needs, Eau 17 turned towards FME and a web mapping solution from Sirap called X’Map.

This is what their old procedure looked like:

  • Geometers would carry out field work
  • They would send Eau 17 their maps that comply with the EDIGEO standard
  • An Eau 17 agent checks the quality of the batches with respect to the requirements of the specific technical specifications
  • If valid, the integration batches are activated in the business software and "reconciles'' the newly imported maps with the maps already integrated.
  • Additionally, a weekly scheduled task exports the data in SQL and reimports them into the PostgreSQL/PostGIS database for use in a web map

This pre-integration quality control procedure was set up in 2006 and took about 2.5 hours per map.

With FME, users can now use X’map to directly upload quality controlled shapefiles to their server automatically in a fifth of the original time.

FME is used to check the attributes and value domains of a layer, the structure and geometry types, and whether the type of geometry in the layer is a line, surface, or other format of the submitted shapefiles. Once validated, the project goes into its final phase: database integration.

FME Server allows for integration with a web map using the FME Server API.

On Eau 17’s side, this operation made it possible to deliver real-time control and integration while reducing the number of actors and interventions. The operation has become much less time-consuming, with the time required for each map processing taking a fifth of its original time. FME also provided a more intuitive and responsive overall process. 

Eau 17 is a Charente-Maritime water distribution service in southwest France. 

The work done by Eau 17 was done in partnership with Veremes.

"This project is a good example of cooperation and complementarity with an integrator that brings its technical expertise and tools in the field of water. It is also representative of current demands for the automation of time-consuming tasks." --Olivier Gayte, Veremes