Dotted Eyes

Dotted Eyes needed to provide UK boundary reference geographies, ready for use in Tableau, via their data download portal.

To prepare these datasets, they had to perform pre-processing on the data, including generalization and re-projection. Using the graphical user interface in FME, they were able to perform these tasks by applying pre-programmed transformers, rather than writing custom code.

Because of its support for writing Tableau data, FME enabled them to automate this process, building workflows that allow data to be extracted regularly. This integration enables additional use cases and provides better integration of both tools for their clients.

Dotted Eyes is a Platinum partner of Safe Software and also a Tableau partner. For over 20 years, they have continued to deliver advanced services in GIS technologies to help improve the mapping and data capabilities of organisations.

“Now that FME can write directly to TDE I think this will make a big difference for people.” -- Jarek Sobanski, Dotted Eyes