Donegal County

Donegal County created a system that delivers storm alerts, road gritting routes, and weather reports via geocoded tweets, a GeoRSS feed, and a public online map.

Using FME Desktop, they created workflows that geocode tweets based on parsed route numbers, and generate a GeoRSS feed available in an online map for easy interpretation by the public. The engineers responsible for tweeting simply re-use pre-defined tweets.

With the success of gritting data delivery, they expanded their map to offer local weather information by gathering data from the Norwegian Met office’s XML feed of public, world-wide weather information. They then added even more value by setting up an FME workspace to check all feeds for forecasted conditions, to tweet storm alerts when bad weather is predicted within 12 hours. This information is delivered twice a day in winter, and once a day the rest of the year, using FME Desktop scheduled with Task Manager.

Donegal County borders the Atlantic Ocean in northwestern Ireland.

“Everyone’s happy! The engineers are happy, the public is happy, and we have maps to communicate the information as clearly as possible.” - Daragh McDonough, Donegal County