Devon Energy, Well Directional Survey Processing

Devon Energy needed to convert directional survey data for their wells from surface offset values (given in angles and depths) to Cartesian coordinates.

They used FME to perform the calculations for the conversion, from azimuth, inclination, and measured depth, to XYZ coordinates. Well surveys processed with this workflow are then written back to the geoscience database with XY offsets and lat/lon offsets for each station. These processed surveys can then be used to map all directional surveys in the database, in 2 and 3 dimensions.

Devon Energy is able to calculate coordinates directly from raw survey data using FME, which minimizes reliance on questionable calculations from other sources. Jerrod explains, “This can also be run in batch mode (functionality that is currently lacking in our geoscience application).”

Devon Energy is one of the largest independent natural gas and oil producers headquartered in the United States, specializing in onshore exploration and production in North America.

“FME allows us to have confidence in wellbore locations by giving us the capability of processing them in-house with full control of parameters.” -- Jerrod Stutzman, Devon Energy