Cunning Running Software

Cunning Running Software uses FME in their situational awareness solution for law enforcement response to terrorists and active shooters.

Their Rocket and Mortar Position Ranking and Analysis System (RAM-PRAS) uses FME technology to power the data transformation tasks of their custom coded solution. Using FME Objects, they leverage FME workflows to create raster backdrops as BMP, vectors as Shapefiles, and coverages as PNG, and then sort and merge this data to create layered PDFs for easy distribution - all behind the scenes.

The integration of FME technology was so successful that they decided to leverage it for additional purposes, such as performing geoprocessing, and converting incoming mapping to suit their needs. And because FME workspace outputs are just text files, they can be updated to suit on-the-fly needs without requiring the months of accreditation required when hand coded programming is updated.

Cunning Running Software develops high quality software solutions globally for defence and homeland security markets.

“Suddenly, I’m a hero because I’m responsive. He sends me a problem in the morning, the following morning he’s got an answer.” -- Chris Barrington Brown, Cunning Running Software