Consortech needed to migrate client data from various systems into the AutoCAD Map 3D template they built specifically for Quebec, Canada, called SOLO Network.

They used FME to perform the extract, transform, and load functionality, migrating sewer lines and points, water lines, road centerlines, and road surfaces into the destination GIS. This involved tasks such as migrating geometry and attributes from the same into different tables; going from English to French; transforming domain tables with character values to those with numeric values; moving from a simpler schema to a more complex schema; and validating the integrity of the data once it had been migrated.

The results are clean data written to the new schema. Domain values are copied, date values are formatted, and geometry is separated from attribute data. The output from the validation workflows provide areas of possible discrepancy for manual examination.

Consortech has been providing analysis, implementation, and training on the best data management and design processes and solutions for 25 years.

“Getting data into the new system, it’s important to know the data you’re going to be working with and have really good quality data. FME really helped in managing that.” -- Allison Hughes, Consortech