Condesys Consulting

FME customer since 1997, Condesys Consulting recently solved sequence analysis challenges for clients using FME.

They’ve designed workflows with the pre-built tools in the FME Desktop graphical user interface that analyse static juxtaposition of objects. In one project, police vehicles’ real-time GPS coordinates were required to to predict arrival time and help avoid congestion en route. However, real-time GPS data was not accurate enough to determine the road and speed of travel. Using FME, sequence patterns provided real-time route prediction. In another project, similar workflows were built to connect the sequence of a utility company’s assets as they migrated two systems’ data together.

FME made it possible to overcome these data challenges, without investing in dynamic simulation tools.

Condesys Consulting is committed to make geographic information serviceable and to integrate it into business and administration processes.

“With FME you can go further than well established solutions providers. In this case, all the experts in their domain could not manage it, and FME had the solution for that.” -- Martin Huber, Condesys Consulting