con terra

Con terra wanted to provide an integration kit into map.apps as a product for their customers to use to produce focused apps that provide required information after one or two clicks.

They used a REST based integration of FME Server, map.apps, and ArcGIS to create bundles for focused and simple apps that connect functionality with content. The strategy was to keep it simple, creating user friendly apps for specific users, not include all of the functionality possible.

By using FME Server or FME Cloud to power the spatial ETL (extract, transform, and load) in these apps, they were able to provide workflows that can be configured and updated quickly to provide apps that perform file upload, file download, database import, database export, and web connections. FME provided significant time savings, enabling ETL functionality to be integrated into apps in minutes.

Founded in 1993, con terra GmbH is a member of Esri Germany and a Value-Added Reseller of FME.

“FME is so flexible; it makes data accessible. We can use FME in nearly every project.” -- Mark Döring, con terra