Cochranville Ag Service

Cochranville Ag’s users were not developers, though they worked with vast volumes of complex information. They wanted to view data formatted in Excel but accessible from their preferred environment, Salesforce.

Cochranville Ag depends on accurate and accessible data. Their crop rotation information is essential to correct crop management – the wrong information could result in costly errors and even ruin entire crops.

Their users were struggling with the sheer amount of data collected and spent a lot of time exporting data to Excel and manually adjusting the information to fit their needs. Cochranville Ag wanted to improve the experience for their users and enable them to generate formatted Excel reports directly from the Salesforce interface.

How they made it possible – no code required.

Cochranville Ag created an FME Workspace to query Salesforce based on given parameters, process the crop rotation data, and arrange the data in an informative Excel report. They then published this workspace to FME Cloud and used the FME Server REST API to connect it to a Salesforce workflow. Now, users can click a button to request an Excel report from Salesforce, and FME processes the job and delivers the report via email.

By running FME Workspaces from Salesforce, Cochranville enabled users to stay within their familiar environment, Salesforce, while leveraging the full power of FME for processing large volumes of complex data. Cochranville has also expanded its use of FME to include generating maps, FME Server apps, and HTML and Javascript reports.

“FME has become a great Enterprise Integration Platform for us.” -- John Glick, Cochranville Ag