City of Surrey

The city of Surrey provides 400 datasets for the public to download, empowering citizens, helping small businesses, and enabling socio-economic development.

FME Server offers data downloads in formats beyond the few supported by open data portal CKAN, and allows users to select the precise subsets of data they desire using a map preview. Current data is now accessed by the public directly from the production database in all desired formats, including LAS, JSON, KML, File Geodatabase, DWG, CSV, MrSID, and PDF.

FME provided immense time and cost savings for staff and the public.

Surrey is the 2nd largest city in British Columbia, and is ranked one of the youngest and most culturally diverse cities in Canada.

“The beauty of FME Server is that you can download any CKAN dataset, in any format, for any area. In most CKAN implementations, you’d get more than a Terabyte, so downloading them for the whole city when you just want a neighbourhood just doesn’t make sense.” -- Mark Laudon, City of Surrey