City of Surrey, Water Meter Improvement Project

The City of Surrey is removing data silos between systems, enabling staff to use the best fit-for-purpose applications while exchanging valuable data between departments.

The city’s IT department chose FME to replace database level integrations and manual workflows in their Water Meter Improvement Project with near real-time API based updates.

Now when someone wants a water meter installed, they request a permit using AMANDA, and FME orchestrates live communications between AMANDA for permitting, Cityworks for Asset Management, and Esri for GIS. Meter status can now be viewed by the public prior to installation, and coordination between inspectors, contractors, city engineers, taxation staff, and surveyors is handled automatically. Once installed, meters are immediately marked as in-service, rather than weeks or even months’ delay.

Surrey is the 2nd largest city in British Columbia, and is ranked one of the youngest and most culturally diverse cities in Canada. The city has been selected by the Government of Canada a finalist in the Smart Cities Challenge.

“FME provides a flexible and powerful toolkit to coordinate information integration between application systems that traditionally don’t get along very well. This provides us with the capability to streamline complex business processes across multiple city departments, which dramatically shortens and simplifies service delivery to Surrey citizens and businesses.”  -- Roger Wong-Moon, IT Architect, City of Surrey