City of San Jose

The City of San Jose used FME to integrate city silos, and easily adjusted their workflow when Google Maps Engine (GME) was deprecated, and replaced with CartoDB.

They created automated workflows using the pre-built tools in FME’s visual interface to integrate data from disparate datasets, including the conversion of data into a standard model. They then set up FME to incrementally update data in GME nightly. After GME’s deprecation, they were able to tweak these workflows for their new environment rather than starting over.

San Jose offers a light-weight, mobile friendly, self service interactive map gallery for the City’s staff and citizens. Best of all, their switch from GME to CartoDB went un-noticed by end users of the data.

San Jose is the 10th largest city in the USA, located in the Silicon Valley, California.

“We use FME daily and have evangelized its use throughout the city to automate, extend and homogenize data workflows which once were impossible.” -- Mike Brown, City of San Jose