City of Ottawa

Ottawa created their city in Minecraft to engage with the next generation of citizens.

They used pre-built tools in FME’s graphical user interface to transform their GIS data into a Minecraft world they named GeoOttaWOW. Without access to the Minecraft game or server, they were able to create a Minecraft world in less than 3 hours using FME, and using their digital elevation model (DEM) dataset as input. They then received feedback from youth testers, and created subsequent FME workflows to tweak the results and create a more rich world customized to suit their needs.

By taking an innovative look at their data and transforming it into the gaming world, they caught the attention of local media and many of the youth in their city. They are excited that the project holds the possibility of getting young citizens more involved, and helping youth understand why and how they do things at the City.

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, and home to over 1 million people.

“The City of Ottawa has been using FME for over 16 years. It's shown itself to be a high quality and dependable product for data manipulation and analysis in a number of projects.” -- Eric Storie, City of Ottawa