City of Oslo

The Agency for Planning and Building Services in Oslo wanted to create a 3D printed model of the city at a scale of 1:1,000, representing 34.8 square kilometers.

They used FME to filter out terrain from LiDAR data and drape it with a geoTIFF, then convert buildings into proper 3D geometry and attach them to the terrain. They printed the physical 3D model, measuring 7.6 by 4.5 meters, comprised of 360 tiled blocks, each approximately A3 size.

Each block of the model can be removed and reprinted with updated information in a matter of days. Future plans include creating a smaller, portable version of the model for events like public consultations, in combination with a projection system that overlays thematic maps on models. Their work with FME now extends to many digital data products, 3D included.

Oslo is the economic and governmental center of Norway and the fastest growing major city in Europe, currently home to over 650,000 people.

“We had no experience with FME at the start, and the team was amazing, testing and learning on the job, figuring it out as they went. FME has been at the heart of the project – who knows how long it would have taken without it.” -- Kay Henning Kleverud, City of Oslo