City of Delémont

The City of Delémont needed to set up a workflow where data capture from the field would automatically trigger certain processes when recorded.

With a very limited budget, solutions had to be very simple, based on existing components, and costs had to be minimal. Thus, they turned to FME to optimize their data capture and follow-up maintenance processes.

The solution consisted of a mobile app based on ESRI's product Survey123. This application lets the administrator set up a geo-located survey through an Excel spreadsheet. The field captured features are stored on the ArcGIS Online cloud platform.

FME took care of the workflow itself. Once a new record was saved on ArcGIS Online, it triggered FME to read the associated data and generate a PDF report. This report included all necessary attributes and related images. Next, FME sends an email with the PDF report attached.

FME was very accessible and ran the whole process at very low cost. It took out the need to do things manually. Field observations are now efficiently transmitted in almost real-time to the engineer in charge.

The City of Delémont has about 12,000 inhabitants and is the capital city of the Swiss canton of Jura. The GIS-Dept has two employees, in charge of all utility networks, such as water, wastewater, electricity, and gas.

The work done by the City of Delémont was done in partnership with INSER.

"FME allowed us to be more efficient in our everyday activities, at minimal cost." --Christophe Hanser, City of Delémont