City of Calgary

The City of Calgary needed to calculate building elevation points from a LiDAR scan of 400,000 buildings to provide to inspectors in the case of a flooding event.

Using FME, the team converted the LiDAR into a DEM. They then created an FME workflow that integrated the DEM with a multipatch geodatabase derived from the same LiDAR dataset. The workflow then performed calculations to gather the lowest elevation, highest ground elevation, and highest elevation of each building.

The team saved time and effort by using FME to accomplish this project. Their inspectors are now equipped with the lowest elevation point of buildings in the city so they can quickly check them during a flood to determine if they have been impacted.

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, Canada, and home to over 1 million people.

“FME is the way to automate huge datasets without coding. Transforming data to any format as easy as selecting the data type wanted from a list.” -- Jairo Castillo, City of Calgary