City of Burnaby

  • 3-14 Days The time it could take for an application to be completed before FME.

  • 1-3 Minutes The time it takes FME to complete an application.

  • 150,000 Calls a single FME Engine can process.

The City of Burnaby sets the leading example in North America for operational efficiency with its "Call Before You Dig" service.

When the infrastructure industry and the housing market are booming, the constant construction puts underground utilities at risk. Protecting natural gas lines, telecommunications lines, the sewer and water network, and buried cables and conduits is not just safeguarding millions in investments but ensuring public safety.

The City of Burnaby faced the challenge of exponential growth. Over the past two decades, applications to dig within the City have increased by 6000%. Bound by a provincial requirement to provide packages within three days, the manual process of having a staff member assemble the underground information package was not sustainable.

The City of Burnaby needed a way to automate its services to meet this demand.

How they made it possible – no code required.

To ensure the safety of its citizens and city crews, meet customer demands, and increase their operational efficiency, the City of Burnaby used FME to automate its "Call Before You Dig" services.

This service met the goal to provide as much information as possible about the dig site, including as-built drawings, service line information, the location of underground utilities, and related KML files. FME was used to automatically build an email response to the submission with relevant files for the requestor to download via web links.

Before FME, this package took hours or even days for one staff member to complete. Today, this process has been streamlined and reduced to 3 minutes, with no staff intervention needed. The City of Burnaby provides exemplary customer service as they can respond to 150,000 calls using one FME Engine and process requests 24/7. They have alleviated the risk of manual errors and reduced the demand on staff, enabling them to maximize their time on other high-impact services.

FME Products Used:

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  • FME Desktop

  • FME Server

“Because of FME we were able to process tickets 24/7 - anytime, anywhere.” – Herman Louie, City of Burnaby